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Being a successful wedding photographer takes more than beautiful images.

The not-so-secret key to success as a wedding photographer is to balance your artistry with business.

That's where WED LOG comes in.

Just starting out

as a wedding photographer?

• You're excited to start out as a wedding photographer but feel uncertain about where to start, what to prioritise, or how to make wedding photography a business.

• You're anxious about managing real-time situations, especially when it comes to group shots or unexpected challenges during the wedding day.

• You struggle with a lack of confidence, making it difficult to command the trust of clients, which is potentially costing you bookings.

• You feel overwhelmed when faced with the intricate details and logistics of planning to shoot a wedding effectively. You're stressed trying to meet client expectations, leading to tricky situations or dissatisfied clients.

• You're nervous and wonder if you have what it takes to succeed as a wedding photographer.

• You're none of the above but wondering what you might be missing in taking things to the next level...

What if I told you that the key to confidence and success as a wedding photographer comes down to one key ingredient?


Imagine knowing exactly how to delight your clients every time, and turning them into super fans.

Setting expectations via clear communication helps align creative visions, manage anticipations, and prevent disappointments. It establishes trust, ensuring the final results match exactly what was offered, which fosters positive feedback and referrals.

Want to show up to every wedding like a pro, so you can better capture beautiful moments and memories?

An organised workflow that captures the right information before the wedding will ensure you can focus on the photography, which will foster great relationships with the couple, the venue, and suppliers so they become your biggest advocates.

Imagine the impact greater confidence in your business by following the tired-and-tested systems of an experienced wedding photographer.

Having tried and tested methods from an experienced professional will boost your confidence and help you grow your business whilst you concentrate on nurturing your favourite thing - the photography!

If you’re nodding along to all this, you’re not alone…

Hi, I'm Kate! I've been where you are now.

You're just starting out in wedding photography. You've got some camera equipment, editing software, and your first few weddings lined up. Nice work!

Ten years ago, this was me, focusing (so to speak!) on my images and obsessing over the right kit and settings.

Whilst it's vital to keep learning and refining your creative craft, I recognised early on that the business side of things would be equally important to growth and success, that it was going to take more than an aesthetic Instagram account.

In such a competitive industry, it's not always the best photographers who build the sustainable businesses that bring them a full-time income and loyal clients.

I've seen photographers come and go, and I know that you'll be the one still here in ten years because you recognise that pleasing clients is what will keep you in business and that this is about more than the photos.

A successful wedding photography business doesn't necessarily mean being the best, the richest or gaining the most followers.

So if you want to make wedding photography your living, it starts with getting totally clear on the way you serve your clients...

And now I'm showing you my exact workflow from booking to delivery...

WED LOG is your secret workflow weapon in refining your wedding photography business, where capturing the right information is key to capturing images your couples will love.

This 41-page step-by-step planner is a guided planning system designed to demystify and simplify the business side of your craft with fill-in sections for processes, details, timelines, and more. You’ll be more organised and able to support your clients, and feel more secure in your work.

No more scrambling for crucial details in a sea of digital clutter or disorganised notes; your WED LOG journal will keep all the information you need accessible and crystal clear for quick reference before, during, and after the big day.

May this journal help to ensure your business is as strong as your photography.

Why learn from Kate?

Kate Hennessy is an award-winning, internationally published photographer and videographer, with features including VOGUE Italia.

With a prior degree in education, Kate knows how to help people to craft learning materials to help people take their business to the next level.

She has photographed best-selling authors, award-winning performers, and British royalty, but especially loves working with people on their businesses.

Kate formerly co-presented a radio show for 92.2FM producing features on business and mindset.

Here’s what you’ll get when you buy the WED LOG planner:


A Workflow System

This is a per-couple workflow from hello to good-bye, guiding you through booking, planning, the wedding day, editing and product design.

Know what to do and when.


Booking & Onboarding Process

With client journey timelines, ice-breaker first consultation questions, and questions you might be asked, you'll feel more prepared for onboarding new couples.

Ask the right questions.


Checklists & Questionnaires

Checklists, ice-breakers for meetings, detailed pre-wedding questionnaires, group and couple shots planning, venue research notes, schedule planners, and typical wedding day timelines.

Feel organised and in control.


Logistics Planner

With up to four venues in one day, knowing exactly how to plot timings to avoid missing key moments is an absolute art. Use this flow-chart system to chart the big day without a stress headache.

Plan smoothy and efficiently.


Shot List

Reduce anxiety with this handy quick reference guide containing all the key elements, not an overwhelming list of every possible shot to distract you from capturing the natural moments.

Have confidence on the day.


Post-Wedding Processes

After the day, there's still more to do, so these checklists and client forms will help you stay on top of the post-processing, editing and product design so you can support clients to the end.

Keep momentum for lasting impressions.

Buy my wedding photography planning process for just £7.99

“I've learnt so much from Kate. WED LOG is the essence of her experience and knowledge over her career, and will help you start with the fundamental foundations of building a strong wedding photography business.”

— Sarah

“Wow! This is the perfect organiser for wedding photographers.”

— Amanda

“This would have helped me when I was first starting out. What a great way to shortcut all the trial and error by taking a tried and tested process from someone who knows what they're talking about.”

— Chrissie


Can't I just use CRM software?

Yes, but if cost, confusion, or lack of confidence are holding you back in setting up, WED LOG is a helpful, reliable, pen-and-paper resource to avoid the digital clutter to get you started. With WED LOG, there's no need to learn any software, you can start making a difference to your business straight away.

Will I get more clients?

Clients are never a guarantee. This is not a marketing tool, but the more you nail your processes and workflow by using WED LOG, the more professional you will grow to be, which impacts on attracting clients.

Does it work digitally?

WED LOG is designed with simplicity in mind. Its intuitive fill-in sections and clear layout make it accessible for everyone, regardless of tech proficiency. It's a practical, paper-based solution, ensuring smooth organisation without the need for any digital hassle other than to print if you purchase the digital PDF.

You can also purchase a printed copy directly from Amazon. These are designed to be one per couple.

What can/can't I do with it?

Whilst WED LOG has a deliberately minimalistic design to fit in with most businesses.

You cannot redistribute or resell WED LOG even with any adaptations you make. Please be fair and respect that I'm sharing a decade's knowledge with you.

Do you offer support?

If you get stuck with using WED LOG, or have any questions, I'm happy to help as best I can. I also offer mentoring, so get in touch to tailor something to suit you.

Why are you offering this?

My degree was in teaching, so I have an innate urge to want to help others learn. As a working wedding photographer for the past decade, this is also the next stage in my own business growth. Full disclaimer moment: one day I'll be pretty old and less able to physically get out there and shoot weddings, and this is a way to help newer photographers to help me eventually retire gracefully! What was it I was saying about business being as important as photos?!

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