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“Kate and Amanda were our wedding photographers, who I stumbled upon by chance through a mutual Facebook friend, and fell in love with their wedding photos. Within seconds I knew whole heartedly it was Kate who I needed to capture the most special day of my life!

After taking my then fiancée to the pub, sitting him down with a pint and showcasing him Kate’s work, it took about 30 seconds until he too fell in love with the way Kate captured the love people shared through the lens of a camera.

In the lead up to our wedding, we had an engagement shoot in one of our favourite places, Whitstable, in our favourite season, winter! Kate battled strong winds to give us a perfect engagement shoot that captured me and Connor perfectly! We couldn’t have been more excited about our wedding day!

A year or so later and our day was finally here and I was so excited to have Kate and Amanda capture every moment, all the hard work and dedication we’d put into our day. To work with, they are a dream, fun, laid back and bounced off us perfectly, working with our ideas and sharing some of their own!

We’ve just sat down and looked through them all tonight! We were so excited to take a look at them!!! They’re all just so amazing!!! They have captured our day, us and our friends and family perfectly!!!

If you are looking for a photographer who will bring to life love and passion, then look no further, Kate is your woman! Kate and Amanda, we cannot thank you enough for sharing our day with us! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your passion with us!

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How did you meet and fall in love?

Miskin Theatre – Dartford

What can you tell us about the proposal or decision to get married?

Connor proposed to me in a beautiful secluded log cabin on Christmas Day, 3 years ago. It was snowing… we spent the morning chilling in the hot tub with champagne before he plucked up the courage to pop the question! It was completely out of the blew but I knew the moment he asked it was perfect! I’m still not sure how our best men and MOH didn’t let it slip, they all knew for 3 months before me!!!

What made you choose your venue(s)?

It was by chance someone mentioned it to us after loads of searching! We took a trip down for a look on a Sunday. Slightly hungover and managing to squeeze one of The Moat’s amazing roast dinners, we fell in love the moment we saw it! It was unusual and not what you’d expect when you first pull up! It has some mystery about it.

What influenced your decor/style/theme/colours for the day?

For us, it was all around keeping it simple and personal! We were keen to do everything we could ourselves from the offset, even our save the dates!

How long did it take you to plan your big day?

About 2 years because I kept changing my mind, even down to a week before when I changed all the music… I’m not sure how Connor puts up with me!

How did you feel about the wedding planning process?

Fulfilling but stressful! You need a good support system and some good friends to remind you it’s about the people.

What’re the highlights of your actual wedding day?

Our friends and family joining us, it was amazing having everyone come together to share our day. They made it for us!

How did your vision for the wedding match your actual day?

It was better than we could have imagined! The moment we saw the room for the first time all set up just filled us with so much emotion and we were so proud of not only what we had done but those around us had helped with!

What other suppliers would you like to mention?

Carl our Dj was amazing! Of course you and Amanda!!!! My mum for her incredible floristry skills and room decor, our car lady at white van weddings and of course Kim who created a cake beyond anything we could have imagined!!! And The Moat Wrotham!! They were amazing!!! And our hair and make up ladies, Hannah and Fay.

How did you feel about seeing your photographs back after the wedding?

Amongst the chaos of coming back from honeymoon, settling back into work and finalising our house purchase it bought us to much joy and excitement in what’s been a crazy few weeks!

What advice would you give other couples planning their big day?

Take time for each other! Relax, your suppliers, photographers etc. are professionals, trust them!!! And enjoy it, it goes soo quick!

Aside from your wedding, what’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to you as a couple?

Getting engaged! Scotland at the cabins was our first holiday so getting engaged there made the cabins so special!

How do you know you are meant to be together?

I think you just know… it’s about finding someone who makes you feel safe but at the same time pushes you to do things you don’t feel you’re ready for! It’s about someone bringing adventure and security all at once!

What will be your next big adventure?

Finalising our house! And lots of holidays!!!!! We can’t wait to travel to different places and make more memories!

>>> If you’d like to tell me all about your wedding plans, please do! Are you planning a wedding at The Moat Wrotham? <<<


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