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The first time I ‘met’ Daisy and Matt was via Skype. They had lots of questions about wedding photography and I remember thinking that if this couple proceeded to book me as their photographer, I knew it would be because I was the right ‘fit’ for them. It’s important to think carefully about your wedding photography. Photos are going to be one of the only elements that last after your wedding day and will stimulate years of conversation, memories and happiness. Choosing someone to capture those images is a big decision since it’s as much about their personality as their photographic style; your photographer will likely be with you for your entire wedding day, so it’s crucial that you feel comfortable and confident in their presence. Matt and Daisy and I discussed their hopes and expectations and we determined that what I could offer was a good match. We also had an engagement shoot which you can see here that further helped us to get a sense of what to expect when the big day finally rolled around.

They were engaged (no pun intended!) and organised right from the start, which no doubt contributed to the fact that Matt and Daisy both seemed incredibly relaxed on the big day. There was a sense of quiet calm during the bridal preparations at Daisy’s parents’ converted oast house (beautiful) and we all enjoyed cooing over Daisy’s niece who looked so cute in her flower girl dress!

It isn’t often that I see such bold colour choices for the bridesmaids but the relatively simple style of the dresses made for a great combination. The giant flowers picked out the bright orange theme and felt summery, fun and a bit different! Matt and the men looked super smart in navy blue with orange accessories (including socks)!

Swallows Oast in Sussex is a venue at which I am increasingly booked to photograph. It’s an intimately bijou conversion and in Matt and Daisy’s case felt very fitting, something of a nod to Daisy’s childhood, herself growing up in an oast. Although June has become notorious in recent years for it’s unpredictability, the weather was glorious all day long, which was good news for their lawn games, including the nostalgic ‘Connect 4’ and ‘Jenga’. I think these may have been aimed at the children but I definitely spotted several adults freeing their own inner child! Perhaps the most exciting of these outdoor entertainments was the only-ever-so-slightly competitive table tennis tournaments that added some hilarity to the afternoon! I’ve never before seen a bride with a table tennis bat in her hand! Of course, I had to get some action shots there! It was an unusual but wonderfully amusing backdrop to the string quartet on the patio!

There were some lovely touches to the day – the records they used as table decor, the live band, smoke machine and lighting which created a fabulous  atmosphere for dancing, and Daisy’s dad’s mega posh car which he gave a very happy Matt the opportunity to drive.

The couple began their married life with a Kenyan safari adventure before returning to their jobs back home – Matt as a producer for Chris Moyles and Daisy as a Speech and Language Therapist for the NHS in London.

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Hi! I’m Kate, a Wedding Photographer from Kent!

“When you are thinking about wedding photography, drop me a line and we can arrange to Skype or FaceTime to see if we match! It’s important that you feel at ease with whomever you hire so that you aren’t being shadowed by someone who makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable. Let’s chat so we can get to know each other a little better before you make the decision about your wedding photographer. You can ask me all sorts of questions which will help you see how I will fit in with your day.”


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