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So I created this diagram today to better outline and clarify how I work with you on your wedding photography (see below). I don’t just turn up and shoot the day. As a wedding photographer, there’s much work, both before and after your wedding, that goes into crafting beautiful wedding photos for you.

It’s easy to assume that a day’s work is all wedding photography entails but it’s truly much more than that. Much like any work (of art or otherwise), behind it there is usually learning, skill, time, effort, passion and expense. Look out for my upcoming Vlog on why wedding photography costs as it does as I know that this is a big concern for many couples on a budget for their wedding day. I will be aiming to explain why photography is such a worthy investment.

I thought you might like to learn a little about some of the processes I go through for your wedding photography…

Pre-Wedding Meeting:

This is when we arrange a mutually agreeable time and place to get together, usually abound 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding date. You’ll have already booked me as your wedding photographer but may not yet have met me if you opted not to have an engagement/pre-wedding shoot.

At this time, we will introduce ourselves to each other in person and have an in-depth discussion about the finer details of your wedding day. I make copious notes and then use this information to work out an itinerary for myself for the day to ensure we both know what I’ll be up to on the actual day.

We’ll also have been keeping in constant contact via email so we can update each other of any additional details or last minute changes.

On The Day:

Usually, I am with you for around 12 hours, from the bridal preparations to just after the first dance. It’s a long day with quite physically demanding aspects (my cameras are very heavy!) and I make references to my written itinerary which I made after our pre-wedding meeting to ensure that I’m reminded of various timings, names, group shot lists, and anything else specific we’ve agreed.

I drive myself and my gear to all your locations in the day and usually only rest for a spot of dinner. For the rest of the time, I’m either quietly snapping away in the background trying to anticipate moments and emotions or else I’m orchestrating the group shots and keeping an eye out for photographic opportunities for you as a couple. I’ll also be doing my best to respond to your guests’ requests for particular shots.

I’ll be constantly liaising with your wedding planner, venue manager and celebrant or vicar to make sure I’m in the right place at the right time.

It’s all pretty intense!


This process begins the moment I get home that night after your wedding, whilst you are partying into the early hours and falling into bed! I immediately download all the memory cards to my computer and make a back-up for security. I take some time to select a few instant favourites to edit and share as sneak peeks on social media to give you a taster of what’s to come!

The main editing process then begins after the wedding day and takes me between 2-3 weeks to complete. It’s about carefully selecting, retouching and applying my signature editing style to your images to retell the ‘story’ of your day. I also select from my assistant or second-shooter’s photos (where applicable) and ensure they are similarly crafted and well woven into the series.

I then prepare the files for optimal viewing and sharing online so that you can easily and quickly share the photos with your guests if you wish, before finishing the hi-resolution files you’ll receive on your USB.

This may also additionally include designing an album or other photo products for you.


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