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I have known Ria since we were seven. I have many brilliant stories about her that span almost her entire life, all of which have led her here, to her wedding day.

I arrive at a hotel in Gravesend, on any other day just a nearby hotel I drive past on the way home, but today it’s where Ria is getting ready and has a new feeling entirely. I open the door to a sea of faces – our friends and Ria’s family, most of whom are bridesmaids today! Quite literally rammed with love and excitement, the room is full and I clamber over the various wedding paraphernalia to where Ria is beginning her hair and makeup preparations, calm as ever, quietly enjoying the handmade album of her hen night she has just been given as a gift. It’s nice to see her being pampered by professionals; a working mum to hers and Paul’s five toddlers and teenagers between them, she deserves to feel like a princess today and indeed, she looks incredible.

She arrives in the rain at The Knowle Country House in Higham, (incidentally, my most photographed wedding location) where her brother, Liam, is clearly immensely proud to be walking her down the aisle. Her very-soon-to-be-husband, Paul, greets her with a grin and they wrangle their two young boys before the ceremony, much to the amusement of the guests who sit poised with their cameras. It goes by so quickly, as the ceremony always does, and they move through the confetti to join their guests who all clamour to wish them well, give kisses and hugs, take photos and offer their congratulations.

After the group shots, I invite the newlyweds away from the crowd to take photos of them alone together. You can see the transformation in this busy couple now taking a breather from work, house-renovation, parenthood and now momentarily from the hustle and bustle of today, just to be a pair. I photograph their natural affection as they quieten down and become distracted only by each other. I love these images most of all.

When all is said and done, Ria and Paul were as much a married couple before their wedding as after, but I know that to mark the fact, today was perfect.

Thank you to their families and friends who contributed to the audio guestbook I made for them as the soundtrack to their slideshow.



Videography – Rosey Films

Makeup – Gemma (Beautiful You)


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