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Rachel & Vincent

Kent Wedding Photography at The Knowle Country House, Higham

They are amazing! Thank you so much! The album looks wonderful. It’s absolutely stunning!”

wedding at the knowle

wedding at the knowle

Rachel and Vincent held their outdoor wedding at The Knowle Country House in Higham, Kent, my most photographed venue in 2016! Ever one of my favourite venues for the practicality of its spaces and the incredibly friendly staff, I was delighted to capture Rachel and Vincent’s big day here!

Their sunny outdoor ceremony was followed by a traditional wedding breakfast and evening reception and had all the elements of a classic, timeless wedding. They literature theme suited their journalism and teaching backgrounds and made for a lovely personal touch. These little hints at a couple’s lives always make it feel that I am photographing something unique and creating images that will be instantly recognised as theirs.

We had some time at sunset to capture some romantic, whimsical couple portraits just as the sun was beginning to set. These are frequently a couple’s favourite images from the entire day (mine too)!



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