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Rachel & Andy

Wedding Photography At The Ferry House Inn, Sheppey

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Rachel and Andy’s wedding was my first of 2016 and what a wedding it was! I’d previously got to know them both a little better at our pre-wedding meeting when we also shot some lovely images to help them feel comfortable in front of the camera and work out some ideas for posing. They initially felt a little anxious about this when booking a photographer and as with every couple, I suggested an engagement/pre-wedding shoot as a way of breaking the ice and helping us to familiarise ourselves with each other so that we both arrive at the wedding day with a little more experience and sense of friendship. Your wedding is a very intimate occasion and it makes sense to feel totally at ease with your photographer because they are the only supplier who is likely to be with you for the entire day! Having someone you trust (and like!) will help you feel more relaxed, especially during the bridal preparation time.

This was both my first visit to and wedding on Sheppey so a brand new experience for me! Rachel and Andy had warned guests that the road to The Ferry House Inn was long, winding and frankly, a bit suspicious! They joked that we may fear it would never end, which is exactly what happened when my assistant and I were driving, for what felt like days (gulp)… until you finally reach the inn, when suddenly there is life again and a warm, cosy and inviting atmosphere, like an oasis of relief! Having said that, I’d love to explore Sheppey’s landscape a little better. As I write this blog post, I can glance from my window and see the bridge that leads you there (I have just moved to a village on the mainland side of the bridge) and it’s quite exciting actually to see the sparse landscape for which I am already imagining many a fashion and portrait photoshoot!

Back to the wedding then! Their artistic touches were many but beautifully subtle – Andy’s much-admired illustrations, the cute personalised pin badges, tiny commemorative picture brooches on Rachel’s bouquet, humorous cufflinks, decorative photo washing line, and the childhood photos used for the table plan and guest book. There was a simplicity, elegance and sophistication about their day which meant that these touches were like little surprises which served to generate conversation and humour among their guests, without overpowering the true meaning of the day.

One particular element which I fell in love with was the use of a polaroid camera which was passed around and enjoyed by all! The instant photos were shared and used – I think as guest book entries or pegged up as a display. This interactive idea provided a part photobooth part disposable camera element to the day but which I felt added greater value since these photos were entirely guests’ perspectives and will no doubt be a wonderful additional narrative to their wedding memorabilia. Really loved this! In fact, though the film is extortionate, I’m currently exploring buying one for my kit for guests to help me capture the dynamics, relationships and moments for the couple to look back on! If you’d be interested in this additional service, please leave me a comment below or get in touch!

Thank you to Rachel and Andy for kicking off 2016 with a great start for Kate Hennessy Photography!


Just want to mention bridesmaid Katy’s own photography business called Katy And The Bear – go check out her site which is filled with totally scrummy graphic design and fascinating images from around the world.

Also to Makeup Artist Emma, whom inspired me with her business, Messie Mats, a simple but genius little invention designed to protect your flooring and surfaces from makeup during application! Can’t believe I didn’t think of this myself! I’m just about to use some birthday money to buy one for myself to protect my new home’s new carpet! Hurrah! No more spillages around the mirror!


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