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I photographed Jess’ engagement photos, her wedding in Italy and then I shot her UK reception party but Jess wasn’t done yet! She asked me to photograph her in her wedding dress one more time in a ‘Rock The Frock’ photoshoot. I LOVE doing this!

For those of you who haven’t heard of this type of photoshoot, it’s a less extreme version of ‘Trash The Dress’, whereby former brides dig out their dress and wear it one last time in a photoshoot after their wedding. After all, it’s likely to be the most expensive piece of clothing you’ve ever purchased and the dress in which you feel your most beautiful! Why not give it whirl in a completely different setting or with a more dramatic look than you had on your actual wedding day? That’s what Jess wanted to do – she had autumnal colours in mind as a backdrop and a purple-inspired makeup look to give her something different in her photos. Here she is most definitely rocking her frock in a very public park in the middle of the beautiful city of Canterbury! We felt a little like celebs with the public looking on! What an exciting experience!

It was quite surreal to have my Makeup Artist, Gemma, meeting Jess – do you remember my previous blog post in which I told you about the hairy scary Italy to UK wedding hop I did in September?! Well, here were both brides in the same room working together and discussing their weddings two days apart! Odd but nice!

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“I love Rock The Frock photoshoots – they really inspire me and we have more time than on a wedding day to be creative and experimental.”

If you are looking for a Rock The Frock photoshoot of your own then give me a shout!


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