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Michelle & Kevin

“Thank you so much for all the photos that you have sent us. There are so many gorgeous pics. It is like reliving the day every time I look at them. Thank you for everything you have done. Can’t thank you enough.”

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When I met Michelle and Kevin at our pre-wedding meeting, I discovered just how nervous they were about the photography. They hired me because, for the majority of the time, my style is very candid – capturing those little natural moments, many of which couples miss in the hustle and bustle of their big day. However, Michelle in particular was worried about potentially feeling disappointed when looking back at photos because she felt, like so many of us do about ourselves, that she wasn’t photogenic. We discussed these fears and I tried to reassure her that I considered it my duty to make couples feel they scrubbed up ok in the pictures! If you’d like to read more about how I approach personal sensitivities with my 3P’s (planning, posing and post-processing), click here!

It’s worth scheduling some time into your day to spend exclusively with your wedding photographer, to make the most of their expertise coupled with your efforts to dress-to-impress! We did exactly that at Michelle and Kevin’s wedding, allowing for two separate sessions, one as we arrived at the reception whilst their guests were enjoying refreshments, and the second after the meal, in a different location, this time in their hotel room. These slots were long enough for them to relax in front of the camera but still  short enough that they had plenty of time to spend with their families and friends. Their commitment to their couple portraits paid off because we captured such a variety of shots. Since these are the images from your wedding that you are most likely to display in your home for many years, you will not regret giving them a little dedicated time and hiring a photographer whose vision resonates with yours.

If you want to help ensure you look your best in your wedding photos, I want to offer you the opportunity for a free pre-wedding shoot. I always advise having this shoot because it acts as a dry-run, giving us a chance to get to know each other a little. By the time your wedding day arrives, we’ll have a good knowledge of how we’ll work together which means we’ll make the best use of our time on the day.

So, if you’re getting married in 2016, get in touch! When you book your 2016 wedding photography with me, I’ll gift you a pre-wedding shoot (worth £150)!

Michelle and Kevin’s day was beautiful and I wish them a very happy ever after…

Are you having a Hadlow Manor wedding? Take me, I’m yours!


Venue | Hadlow Manor Hotel

Chocolate  Fountains | Sittingbourne Balloons

DJ | A1 Discos Ltd


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