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Maria & Mat

“I got really emotional over the weekend looking at them all and we’re all really pleased. I’d be more than happy to recommend you to anyone. You get all the natural shots very well (that’s one of the reasons we asked you in the first place) without being obvious and poking cameras in people’s faces. You judged very well who the couples are and got lots of snaps of couples together and now all my friends want copies!”

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This was such a beautifully styled wedding! I absolutely loved walking into Mat and Maria’s wedding reception at Court Lodge (a stunning, hidden gem I didn’t even know existed)! Surrounded by pastel bunting in this 17th century rustic black barn, the wedding was natural, fresh and so incredibly pretty! The flowers were used really artistically in tea cups, tea pots and tiered cake stands. The shabby chic look is popular for weddings and it’s easy to see why – the DIY feel with mismatched crockery and homemade sweetie favours in traditional gingham-covered jam jars created a personal, intimate tone to the day. Just look at that cake too!

Maria was the most laid-back bride I have ever met. I even arrived before her at her parents’ house where she was due to get ready! Her effortless calm was noted by all around her and I loved the way this relaxed attitude translated to the photos, especially of her and Mat together. I think you can really see how chilled and happy this couple were on their big day. I hardly ever saw Maria without a smile on her face and I felt like high-fiving her for remembering to enjoy herself and for holding close the true meaning of the day. It’s a great point actually to ask yourself what really matters to you about your wedding day. This will help you plan it so that it’s absolutely focused on the most important and personal reasons for your wedding. In fact, I’m inspired to write a blog post about this – coming soon!

I was lucky to have an assistant with me on the day and she managed to get a few shots of her own which provided an additional perspective to Mat and Maria’s collection of wedding photography. This is something I feel really adds value and offers security to a bride and groom and I am currently exploring the possibilities of officially offering additional services next year. My assistant’s photo of the bouquet on the table in a shaft of light (see above) was my favourite of her efforts – I love the way it highlights the beautiful arrangement within the context of the reception decor. I know that Mat and Maria will also cherish her photo of their VW car which they used to drive themselves to the reception venue – what a lovely idea, some privacy away from the crowds in an otherwise very social sort of day! I really believe it’s worth scheduling a little time like this into your wedding day – just to be together and privately revel in your new status as newlyweds.

Mat and Maria are in a successful folk band called ‘Galley Beggar’ and have just released their third album. Check out their music here and join their massive following on Facebook! Long may they continue to make beautiful music together…

If you’re having a Court Lodge wedding, let’s hook up!


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