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John first met Karen when she arrived to join the staff at the school where he was teaching. Their story took them travelling all around the world before they came to tie the knot! This journey, as much personal as geographic, was represented by simple, elegant location-themed table centrepieces and a travel inspired gifts and cards area. The blend of shabby chic and natural materials, with bunting, hessian, ribbon, cork and wood, made for a gentle, romantic and organic feel to the day.

The gorgeous reception venue, Swallows Oast, situated on farmland just over into East Sussex, was the perfect, intimate setting – a beautiful barn with a gallery area for multi-level dining and dancing, which in this case helped divide those that fancied joining in with the Ceilidh and those that preferred to watch and cheer! The organised dancing made for a wonderfully spirited atmosphere due to the live music and entertaining participation of guests of all ages and abilities. I would love to attend an evening wedding reception like this myself, as a guest, to share the hilarity and enjoyment of such a thoroughly memorable activity! Everyone was laughing and even those that didn’t dance couldn’t help but tap their feet in time to the live band. Quite wish I’d thought of this for my own wedding!

Karen’s dress, shoes and accessories were so stylishly classic and she reminded me of Kate Middleton in her poise and grace. Her and John seemed to me to be a wonderful partnership and I wish them all the best for their married life.

Are you getting married in Sussex? if so, get in touch as I’m branching out to your neck of the woods!

*** UPDATE ***

I’m really proud to now be one of Swallows Oast’s recommended Wedding Photographers!


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