Welcome Wedding Tog!

When I was first starting out on my journey as a Wedding Photographer, having not long had a baby, I bought my first professional camera, second-hand, on my credit card. I had no idea whether I could really turn my hobby into my career. What would it take to be a professional Wedding Photographer?

Well, I already had experience of running my own business in publishing and I knew that having a good head for business was going to be just as important as having a good eye for photography!

However, I didn’t know about the wedding photography industry specifically, so whilst I was developing my technical and artistic skills (still am, always will), I spent years of my life scouring the internet for anything and everything that would support me in crafting ever smoother processes, better communication, more organised administration and efficient record-keeping, so that I could provide a respectable brand and a high-quality service to couples entrusting me with their wedding photography. With passion, commitment, determination and consistency, you too can live your dream to be a professional Wedding

Now, I love supporting budding Wedding Photographers and am always honoured when people look to me for advice and support! What a privilege it is to be able to give others, who are where I once was, a helping hand towards the same dream! So here is where I am offering some of my own tips, processes and practices which I am constantly developing in pursuit of offering the best service I possibly can to couples who choose me to photograph their big day!

We all know how significant wedding photos are for couples and their families for generations, but it’s not just about creating beautiful and meaningful images, it’s also about creating a positive experience, from start to finish. I’ve created some resources to help you do just that! From booking and recording to planning and workflow, I’ll be adding to this bank of printable templates and tips for everyone who wants to be more professional, organised and efficient!

Whether you’ve just been asked to shoot your first wedding, or whether you’ve already got a few under your belt and now want to step things up to the next level, then read on because I believe I’ve got some pretty handy stuff for you to check out…

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Kate Hennessy Wedding Photographer