Couples tell me I’m friendly, warm and relaxed and that I’m efficient without being bossy! If you’d like to hear it from them, have a look at some testimonials here. I like to find connections with you so that you feel that it’s not just any old photographer turning up on your big day! I hope you’ll feel like a friend is joining you!

I’ve got a few videos on my About page and some Vlogs on my Blog, so feel free to check those out to see and hear me (gulp)! You might also like to hear me talking about my approach to photographing your wedding in this radio interview.


In a sea of photographers, it can be overwhelming to try to choose the right one! In fact, there may be many ‘right’ photographers for you! The photos will be the lasting record of your day, so whilst you are searching, always keep asking yourself, “Are these the kind of images that I will love looking back on for the rest of my life?”
Choose a photographer whose style really resonates with you. Hopefully, the images will speak for themselves, but you can read more about my style and how I’ll capture your day here. If you’re planning a really dark, rich and dramatic wedding, I’m probably not for you. If you’re having a pretty, pastel, whimsical sort of day, you might be more attracted to my style.
Your budget may be the other big factor but it’s always worth considering value over price. Whilst price is not always indicative of better images or customer service, you may find out too late about the downsides to free or low-priced deals. Here are some questions that may help you to determine that value:
* What will the photos mean to you after your wedding?
* Would you be happy with the kinds of images in the photographer’s portfolio?
* Are you prepared to reduce the length of coverage in order to secure your favourite photographer if they’re over budget?
* Would you be willing to sacrifice something else you’ve planned for your day in order to have a more expensive photographer whose work you prefer? A photographer may not add entertainment to your day, for example, but the images will certainly entertain you for years after your wedding day is over.
* How do you want to enjoy your photos beyond the day? Are digitals or an album most important to you?
* How comfortable do you feel with your photographer’s professionalism, experience and customer service?
It’s important to note that whilst the quality and style of the photography is very important, as is any products you’ll actually receive, so to is the actual photographer. Remember that this person may well be with you all day, so it’s important you feel comfortable about their professionalism and personality too.
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After you have booked me, I meet all couples around 4-6 weeks prior to their wedding day. It’s a great opportunity to get to know each other a little better ahead of the wedding. After all, it’s a pretty intimate day to be sharing with a complete stranger so we’ll spend a little time chatting to ensure you feel comfortable and reassured about who will be turning up on the day!

You may also have met me prior to this for an Engagement Shoot, so potentially a double-dose of meeting up!

Not only that, but it breaks the ice and allows you to feel more comfortable with who will be turning up to spend your wedding day with you!


Yes! If you need specific details, just ask.


Yes, it’s the best way for us to set out our expectations, agree the services, price and procedures we’ll stick to, and protect us if anything unexpected happens.


At our Pre-Wedding Meeting, you can let me know of any specific shots you’d like that I otherwise may not know to capture – a specific sentimental item, for example. I’m always happy to hear what you’d most like and try my best to capture it for you.
As this has been my full-time job for several years, you can trust that I know what to look for and that you don’t need to send me a full shot list. You can just relax and enjoy your wedding day whilst I capture it for you! Whilst every wedding is unique, most have a few familiar elements, so I’ve made you this little chart below to show you how I approach a typical wedding:


I know you may be worrying about the weather, it’s often a concern for couples.
However, you’ll likely be so wrapped up in enjoying your day, it’ll not be as big an issue as you imagined. Light rain need not affect us at all. In any case, it rarely rains continuously so we may be able to grab our moment to pop out and get some outside shots but if not, we’ll stick around inside and make use of anywhere your venue can offer! We can make beautiful portraits with just a wall or a window or doorway, don’t worry!


Sometimes, couples worry about two possible scenarios – a silent, random stranger lurking around taking photos, or else a bossy, intrusive ego taking over their day!
I understand the anxiety of inviting someone to photograph you on a significant and really quite intimate day, so I try to capture images as unobtrusively and sensitively as possible. I use long lenses, which means I don’t have to get up close and personal all the time. I use a quiet mode on my camera to minimise the distraction.
We’ll discuss your hopes and wishes prior to the wedding so that you’ll feel informed and comfortable with what I’ll be doing for you on the day itself.
I do interact with you and your guests and do my best to put everyone at ease. It helps to ensure that those natural photos are truly that, as the more comfortable people feel with my presence, the more they can relax and be themselves.


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I have photographed many weddings in Kent and may well have photographed at your venue before, in which case I’ll already know what to expect.
If I haven’t photographed at your venue before and you especially want me to see it ahead of the day, then it may be a good choice of location for our Pre-Wedding Meeting or your Engagement Shoot, if we are granted permission. If you’d like to make arrangements for that, then I’m more than happy to meet you there.
Otherwise, please don’t worry! I am confident in my professional experience and skills to rely on my research online and via you, to access the information I personally need about a venue in order to photograph your wedding. I am able to very quickly assess the light and location and adapt my settings and position in order to create an image. I bring a variety of equipment with me to cater for various scenarios since light is ever changing.
It’s wonderful to photograph in a new location and offer a fresh perspective!
Of course, you may wish to have formal groupings, in which case I’ll need to be aware of your venue’s possibilities but, again, with the usual running of events and the use of my very capable assistant, I feel able to assess this on the day. In any case, I always ask you whether you have ideas about how you’d like to use your venue!
We will discuss your venue in depth at our pre-wedding meeting and I respectfully take note of any requirements the venue may have of me (i.e. the schedule for serving your meal). I always introduce myself to your Duty Manager, most usually in-person on the day, and take account of anything they wish for me to know.


Yes, of course! Your family and friends can offer a valuable alternative perspective, so go of it!
I will request for the opportunity to have you to myself for your couple shots, though your official videographer is very welcome to join us. We often have very limited time on the day and this will be reduced if other people come to take shots. This also gives you some relative peace and privacy with images that nobody else can see before you do!
If you’re having a church wedding, the vicar or priest will likely have their own rules about guests’ photography.


It can be a daunting prospect being the centre of attention and expecting to have to ‘perform’ for the camera. However, I won’t just expect you to stand there and pose. I aim to create natural images but with a little gentle direction to help you feel that you’re not just left on your own. Ultimately, we’re aiming to capture you both at your best, so I will guide and encourage you to ensure we get the best images we can. Some couples want me to physically ‘pose’ them (avoiding the cheesy stuff) and I am happy to do this if that makes you feel more comfortable. Otherwise, I tend to throw some general simple instructions your way (‘walk’, ‘kiss’, ‘hug’!) and you’ll respond with your interpretation, which leads to genuine expressions and natural movement… and usually a lot of humour!

In any case, where time permits, I like to hold two short couple sessions – the first after your wedding ceremony and the second just before sunset. The second session usually yields the favourites because you’ll have done it once and will likely be more relaxed as the day goes on. Plus, the light is so beautiful and flattering at this time, you’ll love the softness of these images which reflect much of my work you’ll see here on my website.

An unfamiliar experience can be nerve-wracking so you might like to book an Engagement Shoot.


She works super hard! I’ve trained her to work in my style and to my specifications. She accompanies me for every wedding with all-day coverage and I don’t charge anything additional for her services since they are, in part, largely to support me in my role as your wedding photographer. She remains in the same locations as me throughout your day (unless you choose to add on Groom/Partner 2 Prep, if it’s in a different location to the bridal/partner 1 prep) and has two main duties. The first is to help ensure smooth-running, for example, by helping to rally and organise your guests for any group shots you may wish to have. You’d be surprised at how helpful a second person can be! At all other times, she is helping to maximise the coverage of your day by providing a different perspective, focus or angle. You’ll love her complementary images, which are edited in my style to ensure a cohesive collection.


It would be very much appreciated!
If you’ve hired me for a full day, then my second shooter and I are likely to be with you for up to 10 hours. We have to bring a lot of equipment to capture your day and it’s sometimes tricky to also include a packed lunch and keep it fresh! It’s not always possible to purchase our own food and refreshments on site either, so if you are able to provide us with a meal, then this would be super helpful, thank you!
Just for ease, most clients arrange for us to have a couple of soft drinks and a main course from the same menu they’ve chosen for their guests and at the same time as they are seated for dinner. However, many venues do offer smaller, less expensive supplier meals, which would alternatively also be very welcome.
We do not sit with your guests. This is usually the perfect opportunity for us to take a much-needed break and sort out our equipment, ready for your ongoing reception celebrations. We’ll find a quiet spot away from the crowd and leave you to eat in peace (nobody wants photos of a mouth full of food, right?)!


Most weddings run a little late! I will factor in contingency time within the time you have booked me for, which means we’ll plan for usually plan for me to be with you up to 30 minutes after your scheduled first dance, just in case.
I charge £50 per half-an-hour for any additional late-running or additional coverage if you want me to stay. This will be invoiced after the wedding and photos from this portion of the day will only be released upon payment.


Sure! I’m very happy to provide an entirely reportage day if you wish, though in most cases, couples do opt for a few organised group photos of their closest family and friends. After all, it is a day when all the people you love are together in one place and have all made the effort to look their best for your special day.
With pure reportage courage, whereby your photographer only observes and captures what happens naturally, you may or may not get a (decent) photo with your mum, or a photo of your dad with your son, or a photo of your grandparents together… so it’s worth considering having a few for the record.
Equally, don’t overdo it! This is one of the most challenging aspects of wedding photography as these shots take planning, organisation, co-operation and time. It’s your day so you can choose how you spend it but after a few essential groupings, you’ll probably appreciate time to just relax with your guests!
On average, it usually takes around 5 minutes per group shot, so you might expect to get 6 groupings in 30 minutes. Many more than this and you and your guests may start to feel restless and uncomfortable. Remember to think about the needs of your elderly or very young guests. If you’re hoping for creative posing and multiple spots around your venue, we’ll need to factor in more time, so the less group shots you have, the more artistic we can be.
We’ll discuss this at our pre-wedding meeting and I’ll help you compile a short list and a plan so that you feel totally in control and at ease with what will happen on the day!

Kate Hennessy Photography Reviews