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I combine a dreamy, romantic, whimsical style with a natural, candid, reportage approach.

I unobtrusively capture natural moments and genuine expressions throughout your entire day.

For the images of you both as a couple and for any group shots you may wish to have, however, I offer a little gentle guidance and direction, to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed and that we find the most flattering angles and light.

I also focus on all the details, effort, time and love that has gone into making your wedding truly your own.

You’ll want to look back at the photos and remember not only how you day looked but also how it felt. I am passionate about preserving memories through my images, which will continue to prolong joy far beyond the day itself… after the cake has been eaten, the dress has been dry-cleaned and the bouquet has decided the next bride-to-be! My goal is to capture the day much like a story – the way it starts, how it unfolds and of course, the hopeful beginning of that ‘happy ever after’!


After the wedding, I dedicate my time to editing and styling your images. I’m proud to be able to offer a speedy turnaround of 3 weeks whilst I complete this process and prepare and present your images in a password-protected online gallery, which you can share if you wish. I often complete this sooner, particularly in quieter months.

For both part day and full day coverage coverage, you’ll then receive a gorgeous keepsake USB containing the high-resolution JPEGS, which are specially optimised for printing and can be used to create your own products, if you wish!

You can also choose to add on additional services and products such as an album or prints. Design and production timescales vary.


I don’t limit the number I provide, or hold back images for the sake of it. I usually provide an average of around 70-90 images per hour of coverage. Of course, it can vary, but this is to give you an idea.


Whatever you like!

The only thing you can’t do is sell the photos or use them commercially without my permission. All this means is that if you want to submit them for use in anything outside your own personal social media profiles, just send me an email so I can ensure they are properly credited back to me. It’s also just a way of me monitoring how the photos are being used and ensuring that my work is not negatively connected with anything deemed to be offensive or prejudiced in any way, so as to protect my business from racist or homophobic associations, for example.

Other than that, you’re free to order your own prints and make your own products such as albums and canvases; the world is your oyster! If you’re doing this yourself, I’d absolutely love to see what creative projects you get up to! Please do drop me an email or post a photo to my Facebook page to share the love!

I’d love you to share the images online, in fact, so that’s great! Please would you tag me? This can act like a testimonial and encourage interaction on my page, helping with my ongoing marketing.


Yes. I edit and retouch very sensitively to ensure that the photos look like you but on a good day! I know that, ultimately, you want you to see yourself looking your best in the photos. Mostly, I aim to get this right in-camera, using my skills to find flattering angles and lighting from the outset, but if you get a temporary blemish on the day, for example, you can rest assured that I’ll zap it! I avoid obvious changes or heavy retouching that gives the game away! Any additional or extensive retouching is not included.

The editing and styling process in general is largely about making an artistic judgement on each photo and aiming for a cohesive collection. I may adjust the crop or exposure, for example, or sometimes convert to black and white, if I feel that this would enhance the image. Each image is individually edited to reflect my signature style and finish.



For many couples, conventional videography is out of the budget, and most prioritise photography.

However, I offer a hybrid service with both photography and scaled-down videography, so you can have the best of both worlds.

My videography focuses on highlights only, which means I capture whatever as I can and create a memory reel to music to suit the vibe of your wedding.

As it’s usually just me on the day, you have less intrusion than having multiple camera operators, it’s a bit cheaper, and I can still manage perfectly well to shoot your photos, too.

My videography is suited to couples who aren’t looking for a full videography service. The footage will not include spoken audio, or your entire uninterrupted ceremony and speeches. It’s an artistic edit, more like a trailer or music video.

It can be an alternative to photography, or else the perfect companion to maximise your recorded memories of the big day.


It depends on the length of coverage, of course, but usually for full day, it’s around 8-10 minutes on average, if I’m shooting photography as well.

As a stand alone service, it’s usually a little longer.

This is a just a rough guide and I don’t put set minimums and maximums on the time.


Think of it like a playlist of music videos. That’s what I aim to create for you using the best footage from your day, woven together with music to fit the vibe of your wedding.

I use a lot of slow motion, edited in a contemporary fashion, which you can see in my sample videos on this website.

Your video will be in HD, and delivered online via a private link from where you can download it. You’ll be able to share it, keep it, treasure it.

My videography is suited to couples who aren’t looking for a full videography service. The footage will not include spoken audio, or your entire uniterrupted ceremony and speeches. It’s an artistic edit to represent your wedding day with selected highlights to give you memories in motion!


You can tell me all about your hopes for the video, and I’ll match the vibe of your wedding with tracks from my licenced music library to suit the pace and style of your wedding.


It’s a super power, I guess!

Just kidding! It’s more about having a decade of experience in photographing weddings. I’ve become very familiar with the typical structure (including popular variations), timings, and key moments. If I know what to expect and when, this maximises the time to capture both formats. We’ll discuss your day in detail before the wedding to make sure I have all the information I need.

I have my camera set up so I can seemlessly alternate between the two modes and make the most of every event throughout the day.

Most events provide enough time to shoot both, but where moments are simply too fleeting, I usually prioritise photography, because my videography offers highlights, and is designed to complement the image gallery.


Much as you are currently doing in your search for a photographer, couples like to be able to see examples of my work before choosing me. You’ll likely have looked at my website and social media images to help determine whether I’m the right photographer for you. In a ‘pay it forward’ kind of way, I politely ask that couples consent to this usage in our Agreement, which you’ll sign upon booking. My images are fundamental to my business. It is usually only in the case of sensitive or high profile careers that I am asked not to share the images on my website. Similarly, I am mindful of child protection, and I’ll ask for special permission if I’d like to include any photos of children.

I fully understand that views about sharing on social media are much more divided and you can let me know you feel about this at our pre-wedding meeting. In any case, I usually only use social media to show you your initial ‘sneak peeks’, and later, a link to a blog post with highlights, though this is absolutely at your preference.


Typically, a wedding day has a few familiar key elements: 

* Bridal Preparations

* Ceremony 

* Meal

* Speeches

* Cake Cut 

* First Dance 

If you’d really like all of these elements captured, then it’s best to book my All Day Package, which gives you 8 hours of coverage, though you can bolt on more time if you wish. 8 hours is usually perfect to span the getting ready preparations through to first dance. This is my most frequently requested length of coverage.

However, as optional extras, you might also like to capture your partner’s preparations, or ask me to stay beyond the first dance for any evening entertainment you may wish to have recorded in images.

I offer consecutive coverage in all cases which means that if you are considering my Part Day Package, you’ll need to choose which neighbouring elements of your day are the most important to you. This can span anywhere from 2-6 hours. Most couples opting for shorter coverage choose to capture either:

* getting ready until the entrance to the wedding breakfast or pre-meal speeches, also sneaking in a faux cake cut

* ceremony through to the first dance

* just the ceremony and portraits afterwards

If you’re trying to figure out how long you’d like, some general advice is to work from your ceremony time. For bridal preparations, I usually arrive to capture 1.5 hours before leaving enough time to travel to and park at your ceremony venue, around 30-minutes ahead of you.

Coverage usually ends 30 minutes after your first dance.

Travel time between your venues is included in the coverage time.


I photograph weddings in East Sussex, Surrey and on the Kent/London border.

My packages listed on my website are priced for Kent so just let me know as much as you can about your wedding and I’ll let you know whether any additional expenses are necessary. 


You’ll both be able to see aspects of your wedding which you weren’t able to see on the actual day! It’s exciting and gives you some surprises to look forward to after the wedding day is over (boo)! If you are both getting ready in the same place (i.e. the same hotel) then this is included within all day coverage if time allows.

In most other circumstances, whereby you are getting ready in different locations you can book this as an additional service with my second shooter, if you fancy it!


It’s an added and additional perspective, if you feel you need it. It’s not a necessity and I don’t include it as standard so as to keep the cost down for couples.

If you choose to add on the service, my second photographer will have two main responsibilities; the first is to help ensure smooth-running, for example, by helping to rally and organise your guests for any group shots you may wish to have – this is handy if you don’t have anyone who could help with this. At all other times, my second photographer will be helping to maximise the coverage of your day by providing a different perspective, focus or angle. I edit in my style to ensure a cohesive collection.

The most significant reason to book my second photographer is so you can also add on a separate location to capture your partner’s preparations. My second photographer will be acting as the main photographer for this period. It can involve slightly different skills and there are some additional expenses, editing, and logistics involved, which justify the additional fee for this service.


It is a fact of life that technology can and does have issues sometimes. However, I have at least two of everything and unless something extreme happens, I will have enough equipment with me as a back-up on the day. Phew!

I have comprehensive insurance and my equipment is well maintained so I have taken every preparatory step I can to protect your images.

If you want to get techie, you may also like to know that I shoot with two cameras and both have a dual card slot. This means that the photos are written as duplicates to two memory cards at the same time. Therefore, if one card fails for any reason, there are duplicate images on the partner card. Even better, since I shoot with two cameras, I have four memory cards recording duplicate pairs of images throughout the entire day! It sounds a bit technical, but essentially, I have every portion of your day across at least four memory cards (and that’s before my second shooter’s images too)!


Thank you for considering me as your wedding photographer! I’d love to hear all about your wedding plans so far! The first thing to do is to contact me via my website and see whether I have availability for your date. I’ll get back to you ASAP. The summer months, in particular, do get booked up very quickly, sometimes up to 18 months in advance, so to avoid any disappointment, please do get in touch today!

From there, we can chat about your wishes via email or phone if you would prefer, and if you’d like to proceed, I’ll send you my online booking form to read through, fill in and return.  Once you’ve sent these back to me, together with a deposit (which is deducted from the total balance), then the date is yours and it’s all confirmed! Welcome!


Of course, but I moved to doing this via video link or on the phone (thanks to 2020 for showing us a super and mutually convenient way!) I speak with all couples prior to their wedding, usually around 4-6 weeks beforehand when all the finer details have been confirmed and we know exactly what’s happening and when. At this point, I’ll take you through my questionnaire and this will help us to figure out how to put me to best use on the day! It’s a great way to get to know each other a little better so that you’ll feel comfortable with me on the day itself.

If you’re feeling especially shy and want to meet in-person, I do offer an engagement shoot/pre-wedding shoot so we can get to know each other.

I also send all full-day coverage couples a magazine I’ve created that more fully outlines the steps in our journey together and contains tips and ideas for making the most of your photography on your wedding day (including that of your guests)!


I completely understand that you might be feeling apprehensive about choosing a photographer. As one of the only suppliers who will likely be with you most of the day, I hope to help you feel that it is not only a photographer but also a friend who’ll be joining you!

For this reason, I’m always happy to arrange to chat on the phone with you so we can break the ice and say, ‘Hi’! It’s also a useful opportunity to ask any questions you may have which aren’t answered here. Most couples feel they have enough information here and via our initial email or phone chats to proceed to booking. In any case, I love weddings and would love to hear about your ideas and plans! #weddingmad 

I receive a large volume of enquiries each year so, regrettably, there just isn’t enough time in a week to physically meet up with everybody who enquires as well as give my dedication and commitment to my current clients; I don’t just concentrate on booking new clients, I work very hard to provide my clients with the best service I possibly can, at every step of the way.

Tell me all about your wedding plans!


Gulp! It’s a very worrying thought, isn’t it? Touch wood, I’ve never yet not been able to attend a wedding but, alas, I am human, and as with any supplier, it is possible that an emergency could unfortunately crop up which prevents me from attending your wedding. It would have to be a very serious situation indeed which would result in my non-attendance, so rest assured that my commitment to you is paramount and I will do everything I can to ensure I am able to fulfil my obligations to you under the terms of our agreement.

However, in the unlikely event that I can’t attend your wedding, I will take the most appropriate course of action available – this may mean sending a replacement photographer in my place, chosen from my network with equal professionalism and a similar style. I will still edit the collection for you and this will resemble my work as closely as is possible in the circumstances. As far as possible, no other aspect of my services will be affected.

If this is not possible, then the final, worst and last case scenario is that I will refund the money you have paid me. Of course, I shudder at the thought of leaving you in this situation. Whilst it’s important that you understand the possibilities (our Agreement we’ll sign will detail this) please do feel assured that I never want this to happen but have plans in place should it ever do so.


After 14 days from placing your booking with me, the booking fee becomes non-refundable in any circumstances, as is the case with most businesses. However, should you subsequently cancel your wedding, and therefore my services, the deposit is the only thing you lose. Unconventionally, I do not charge any further fees of a couple experiencing the sadness and disappointment of having to cancel their wedding.


Yes! Once you’ve booked me, the date is yours and yours alone, so if you decide to add any additional services, it’s fine to do so at a later stage. If it’s a service that will impact upon the day itself, such as needing a second shooter, just let me know at or before our pre-wedding meeting around 4-6 weeks prior to the date so as to ensure I’ve got adequate notice to arrange this for you. I’ll send a new invoice to reflect any changes you have made.

Similarly, some couples decide after their wedding that they’d like me to continue working for them and to design and produce an album for them.


Couples tell me I’m friendly, warm and relaxed and that I’m efficient without being bossy! If you’d like to hear it from them, have a look at some of the testimonials on my website or reviews on social media. I like to find connections with you so that you feel that it’s not just any old photographer turning up on your big day! I hope you’ll feel like a friend is joining you!

I’ve got videos scattered around my website so feel free to check those out to see and hear me (gulp)! – COMING SOON


In a sea of photographers, it can be overwhelming to try to choose the right one! In fact, there may be many ‘right’ photographers for you! The photos will be the lasting record of your day, so whilst you are searching, always keep asking yourself, “Are these the kind of images that I will love looking back on for the rest of my life?”

Choose a photographer whose style really resonates with you. Hopefully, the images will speak for themselves, but you can read more about my style and how I’ll capture your day here. If you’re planning a really dark, rich and dramatic wedding, I’m probably not for you. If you’re having a pretty, pastel, whimsical sort of day, you might be more attracted to my style.

Your budget may be the other big factor but it’s always worth considering value over price. Whilst price is not always indicative of better images or customer service, you may find out too late about the downsides to free or low-priced deals. Here are some questions that may help you to determine that value:

* What will the photos mean to you after your wedding?

* Would you be happy with the kinds of images in the photographer’s portfolio?

* Are you prepared to reduce the length of coverage in order to secure your favourite photographer if they’re over budget?

* Would you be willing to sacrifice something else you’ve planned for your day in order to have a more expensive photographer whose work you prefer? A photographer may not add entertainment to your day, for example, but the images will certainly entertain you for years after your wedding day is over.

* How do you want to enjoy your photos beyond the day? Are digitals or an album most important to you?

* How comfortable do you feel with your photographer’s professionalism, experience and customer service?

It’s important to note that whilst the quality and style of the photography is very important, as are any products you’ll actually receive, so too is the actual photographer. Remember that this person may well be with you all day, so it’s important you feel comfortable about their professionalism and personality too.


Yes! If you need specific details, just ask.


At our Pre-Wedding Meeting, you can let me know of any specific shots you’d like that I otherwise may not know to capture – a specific sentimental item, for example. I’m always happy to hear what you’d most like and try my best to capture it for you.

As this has been my full-time job for several years, you can trust that I know what to look for and that you don’t need to send me a full shot list. You can just relax and enjoy your wedding day whilst I capture it for you! Whilst every wedding is unique, most have a few familiar elements, so I’ve made you the little chart you can see on this page to show you how I approach a typical wedding.


I know you may be worried about the weather, it’s often a concern for couples.

However, you’ll likely be so wrapped up in enjoying your day, it’ll not be as big an issue as you imagined. Light rain need not affect us at all. In any case, it rarely rains continuously so we may be able to grab our moment to pop out and get some outside shots but if not, we’ll stick around inside and make use of anywhere your venue can offer! We can make beautiful portraits with just a wall or a window or doorway, don’t worry!


Sometimes, couples worry about two possible scenarios – a silent, random stranger lurking around taking photos, or else a bossy, intrusive ego taking over their day!

I understand the anxiety of inviting someone to photograph you on a significant and really quite intimate day, so I try to capture images as unobtrusively and sensitively as possible. I use long lenses, which means I don’t have to get up close and personal all the time. I use a quiet mode on my camera to minimise the distraction.

We’ll discuss your hopes and wishes prior to the wedding so that you’ll feel informed and comfortable with what I’ll be doing for you on the day itself.

I do interact with you and your guests and do my best to put everyone at ease. It helps to ensure that those natural photos are truly that, as the more comfortable people feel with my presence, the more they can relax and be themselves.


I have photographed many weddings and may well have photographed at your venue before, in which case I’ll already know what to expect.

If I haven’t photographed at your venue before and you especially want me to see it ahead of the day, then it may be a good choice of location for an Engagement Shoot, if we are granted permission. If you’d like to make arrangements for that, then I’m more than happy to meet you there.

Otherwise, please don’t worry! I am confident in my professional experience and skills to rely on my research online and via you, to access the information I personally need about a venue in order to photograph your wedding. I am able to very quickly assess the light and location and adapt my settings and position in order to create an image. I bring a variety of equipment with me to cater for various scenarios since light is ever-changing.

It’s wonderful to photograph in a new location and offer a fresh perspective!

Of course, you may wish to have formal groupings, in which case I’ll need to be aware of your venue’s possibilities but, again, with the usual running of events and the use of my very capable assistant, I feel able to assess this on the day. In any case, I always ask you whether you have ideas about how you’d like to use your venue!

We will discuss your venue in-depth at our pre-wedding meeting and I respectfully take note of any requirements the venue may have of me (i.e. the schedule for serving your meal). I always introduce myself to your Duty Manager, most usually in-person on the day, and take account of anything they wish for me to know.