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Pre-Wedding Shoot At Virginia Water, Surrey

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I LOVE being around people who are so passionate about something that they make it their business. It’s inspiring and uplifting and I had a lovely afternoon with Nathalie & Jon (and Callum!) discussing all sorts of exciting things, but mostly their French-influenced wedding which I’ll be photographing in Surrey this Friday!

After travelling on the M25, achingly forever, in the pouring rain, I met with Nathalie and Jon at the magnificent Virginia Water in Surrey for their pre-wedding shoot. The rain stopped as we shot, so thank you to Mother Nature for helping us out!

The couple brought along their son, Callum, who is the inspiration for Nathalie’s top-ranked food blog, The Intolerant Gourmand, which has reached over a million visitors seeking inspiration from Nathalie’s ‘freefrom’ recipes. She has appeared on TV and radio to help allergy-sufferers across the UK and beyond. You can tell that Jon is really proud of Nathalie building her business whilst his own work is doing important things with cars (but I don’t understand cars so I can’t explain)!

It was a lovely afternoon and I learnt all about ‘Geocaching’ which they enjoy with Callum and their daughter, Chloe (who couldn’t join us due to school). Anyone up for a treasure hunt?!

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“It’s always fun to explore new locations and make the most of the natural surroundings. I often tell couples to think of a place that has some significance to them, though really, as a people photographer, I am confident that we can make any location work since the focus will be on you and your relationship.”


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