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Engagement Photoshoot At Shorne Country Park

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shorne country park

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pre-wedding photoshoot

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I recently met with Rachel and Phil, ahead of their wedding in April, to capture some pre-wedding shots at one of my favourite locations in Kent, Shorne Country Park, ever changing in its response to the seasons. We’re just starting to see a little more greenery and I love the subtle colours in the beginning of the new spring environment which echo the sense of starting something new that comes with a couple’s decision to marry. I’m a bit of a sucker for symbolism and much enjoy finding such sentimental relevance and parallels! Call me a hopeless romantic!

Rachel and Phil booked me so long ago that it struck me as to how far I have since progressed with my photography. It’s reassuring to think that they had faith in my style back then and are able to benefit (I hope!) from its evolution. Like anything in life, there is always more to learn, more to experience and discover and I am happy to be able, in some small way, to take couples on that journey with me.

Check back in a few months for another Cooling Castle Barn offering!


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