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Cassie & Joe

Engagement Photography At  Shorne Country Park, Kent

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kent engagement shoot

Let me introduce you to Cassie and Joe! I had such a great engagement session in Kent with this couple who had travelled for two hours to attend, so the pressure was really on because we also had several factors working against us on the day:

  • Easter holidays = very busy
  • Post rain = super muddy
  • Midday shoot = harsh overhead lighting

However, I am frequently required to shoot in the midday sun and I have made it my duty to harness the sunlight to my advantage! Despite the mud, Cassie brought her white trainers and heels nonetheless and we were able to wander off and find relatively secluded clearings in the woods which presented the perfect backdrop for their shoot. My camera did get licked by a big dog at one point but hey, not too bad for an occupational hazard, I suppose!

I was fascinated to hear all about Cassie’s mission with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Hers and Joe’s Mormon faith is incredibly important to them and I enjoyed hearing about their lives and plans for their wedding and future. This will be the second Mormon wedding I have been invited to photograph and I have been reading up about the faith here.

I feel quite honoured to have captured the weddings of couples entering their marriage with a variety of different beliefs, but the main thing that unites them all is, simply, love, which is perhaps the most universal ethic of all.

Keep an eye on my blog for their wedding later on in the year!


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