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5 reasons to book an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer

In my Vlog today (click here if you can’t see the video above), I explain why booking an engagement shoot will be one of the best decisions you make with regards to your wedding photography. Also often called a pre-wedding shoot, there are a number of different opportunities in the timeline of your wedding planning when you might consider having this shoot:

1. Prior to booking your wedding photographer: As a stand alone shoot soon after the proposal to celebrate and announce your engagement/save the date. If the photographer offers this, use the opportunity to test drive your potential wedding photographer.

2. Just after booking your wedding photographer: To start building a relationship with your chosen wedding photographer so that you feel at ease and able to best communicate your hopes for the photography on your actual wedding day.

3. A few weeks before your wedding date: To have a practice session just prior to your wedding to trial your hair and make-up and maybe even have a dry-run at your wedding venue itself.

S&D - Blog 4So, now’s the time to watch the Vlog, or else just keep reading! Wondering why you’d bother spending the extra money? Ok, here are five top reasons to book that engagement shoot:

1. It will make you feel more comfortable on your actual wedding day.

Your wedding photographer will be following you all day at the wedding and they will be capturing very emotional and often personal moments, especially at home when you’re getting ready. Could totally feel a bit creepy having someone wander around your house if you haven’t built a bit of a relationship with your Pap, right?! An engagement shoot helps to break the ice and see how you’ll be working together on the day.

2. It will give you a better sense of what to expect on your big day.

If you have an engagement shoot, you are less likely to face feeling gutted when looking at your wedding photos and realising that that pose you thought really rocked actually didn’t, or that your ‘best side’ turned out not be… Your photographer will be able to learn about you and how you feel you look best in photos in advance of your wedding day.

3. It will enable you to see how your hair and make-up looks and feels.

Combine your engagement shoot with your hair and make-up trials so that you can see if you like how it feels for a few hours and also how it actually photographs. This will give you a chance to change it before the big day if you’d like to. Otherwise, enjoy feeling glam and having some lovely pics taken!

4. It will give you some decent photos to make use of and get creative with.

Think: personalised ‘save-the-dates’, decor for your table centrepieces, or even an album for your guest signing book at your wedding reception.

5. Hey, it may even be fun!

Spend some time with your partner doing something fun and/or romantic. Enjoy the relaxed pace of the shoot (often in contrast to your wedding day) and use it as a chance to really express who you are as a couple, without the frills, pressure and desire to party at your wedding! Choose the location of your first date. Bring your pets. Wear your jeans. Do what you do. Your photos will be the souvenirs!

If you have any questions about engagement/pre-wedding shoots, or you can think of even more reasons to have one, then please leave a comment!

If you want to help ensure you look your best in your wedding photos, I want to offer you the opportunity for a free engagement shoot or pre-wedding shoot. I always advise having this shoot because it acts as a dry-run, giving us a chance to get to know each other a little. By the time your wedding day arrives, we’ll have a good knowledge of how we’ll work together which means we’ll make the best use of our time on the day.

So, if you’re getting married in 2016, get in touch! When you book your 2016 wedding photography with me, I’ll gift you a pre-wedding shoot (worth £150)!


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I’m Kate Hennessy, a Kent Wedding Photographer travelling all over the South East (and beyond!) to capture people’s big day!

If you’d like to make an enquiry about booking your wedding photography with me, please send me an email with your date to see if I am available! Look forward to hearing all about your wedding!


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