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Sasha & Dan

“Wow, they are amazing! Thank you so much. We really enjoyed the day and we are both feeling excited about the wedding pics now. It was hard to choose which of these were our faves!”

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Sasha and I are both mummies to toddlers, which is how we met, initially sharing breast-feeding and nappy stories in a Kent based mummy group after our babies were born. Little did we know back then that I would be her’s and Dan’s wedding photographer nearly three years later! Even more of a coincidence was that I also knew Dan from his school days where I once worked as a member of staff! (I’m how old?!)

This week, I shot their engagement session / pre-wedding shoot. Sasha and Dan met during a summer school for children for which they were both staff. I asked Dan to whisper into Sasha’s ear about what he remembered about this and their first date so that I could capture Sasha’s reaction in the photos. I like to introduce little games like this in a pre-wedding/engagement shoot to give couples something to do to help evoke a sense of intimacy, romance and often a little humour in their photos. This results in genuine expressions which make for truthful, natural photos. This also helped to reduce their initial anxieties and preconceptions about posing for photos.

I love the result – especially the mix of both romantic and fun images we got in the gorgeous yellow rapeseed fields! With a few set-up posed shots thrown in amidst other shots with me giving daft instructions, they both relaxed in front of the camera, so it makes me really excited for their actual wedding photos! Just imagine the shots we’ll get in their wedding garb! Mind you, Sasha’s hot pink DM boots made for some pretty cool shots too! Inspired? Watch out for my future blog post on what to wear for your pre-wedding/engagement shoot.

As an extra treat, we also worked with my friend and fellow creative, Rosie, a film-maker, during the session. I look forward to seeing their engagement session highlights video soon! If you’d like to know more about ‘Rosey Films’ and her Kent wedding videography services, check out her new Facebook page here or her vimeo page here.

*** UPDATE ***

From Rosey Films – how cute is this little film?!

If you want to help ensure you look your best in your wedding photos, I want to offer you the opportunity for a free engagement shoot or pre-wedding shoot. I always advise having this shoot because it acts as a dry-run, giving us a chance to get to know each other a little. By the time your wedding day arrives, we’ll have a good knowledge of how we’ll work together which means we’ll make the best use of our time on the day.

So, if you’re getting married in 2016, get in touch! When you book your 2016 wedding photography with me, I’ll gift you a pre-wedding shoot (worth £150)!


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