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Louise & Matt

Kent Engagement Photography at Mount Ephraim, Faversham

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I invited Matt and Louise to Mount Ephraim in Faversham for their Kent engagement shoot. We had plenty of backdrops to choose from and spent the time getting to know each other a little better ahead of their big day. They have quite clearly defined ideas about what they want from their wedding photos, so this was the perfect opportunity for us to learn about working together and practice poses and angles ready to create their perfect collection! I’m very excited to see what wonders Louise, a professional event planner, will create for their wedding day!

Kate Hennessy WeddingsHi, I’m Kate, a Kent Wedding Photographer!

“Hate having your photo taken and really don’t want an engagement shoot? That’s precisely why you should seriously consider having one! If you think you’ll feel uncomfortable with a photographer capturing your every move on your wedding day, book yourself a pre-wedding shoot with your photographer to help break down the barriers and feel happier about having your photo taken as well as find out a bit more about how a photographer can work with you to reduce your insecurities.”


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