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Charli & Mark

Gosh. Let me tell you, when the bride is, herself a photographer, you feel the fear.  The pressure was on to capture her wedding day exactly as she would want to capture it herself.  Charli and I (well, Charli mainly) spent months putting together a plan for the photography – the shots she was hoping for, the best locations to make use of at the venue and the timings for the various events to capture.  Charli and Mark both had so much faith that I was up to the job that it filled me with a fusion of excitement and terror…

As soon as I arrived at the venue on the day however, I felt almost instantly at ease because the camera loved Charli as she almost floated from room to room, looking effortlessly glamorous even before the beautification had begun!  The whole day was as equally smooth, beautiful and impressive, from the handmade favours to the choreographed first dance; I absolutely loved shooting for Charli and Mark, capturing all the elements that made the day so personal and yet inclusive of their guests.  All credit really, to the couple’s precision preparation and planning, yet even the inclement weather didn’t throw them off course or cause even a moment of disapointment because, all plans aside, they knew why they were there, not for the dress or the decor, not for the display and spectacle and not for the photography, but for their love.  It was lovely to see them so happy, happiness I have no doubt would still have been there even with all these elements stripped away.  I wish them many wonderful years together.

P.S. They really liked the photos!  (Phew. *Mops brow.)


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