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Amanda & Nigel

“Love the shots and we’re definitely going to run out of wall space, hanging up our favourites around our house! Many, many thanks for capturing our big day so beautifully :)”

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Kent Life is a sprawling rural museum and farm venue with a heritage feel, celebrating 150 years of all things ‘Kent’. There was a distinct romantic vintage feel to Amanda and Nigel’s day here. Think: tractor rides (no coach hire for your guests required!), a little country chapel (pink!), village hall (with a bar!), oast houses, hops, hay, geese and horses as a backdrop (photographer’s hat on here!), and a wander around mock-ups of old village shops (complete with wax works, gulp!)…

However, to this gentle and natural olde worlde setting, Amanda and Nigel brought some bold colour and a splash of humour with their comic book theme! I didn’t know much about comic book characters before this wedding but I left with a superhero education! Amanda told me how she’d used purple, orange and green to denote one of Nigel’s other loves in his life – ‘The Joker’! Their wedding day was a perfect balance of a beautiful setting with a personalised theme. If you’re considering having a themed wedding and need some inspiration, look no further than here!

One of her bridesmaids, Georgie, used artificial flowers to create the bouquets, and in Amanda’s, they included a tiny framed photo of Amanda’s late father. This was the second wedding this month with a bride feeling the loss of her father on her wedding day and I thought this was such a touching way of honouring his memory as she walked down the aisle. To see how another recent bride of mine, Rebecca, did a similar thing, read my blog post here. Artificial flowers are also definitely on the up. Several brides I’ve photographed in the last year have opted to cut the expense and practicalities of fresh flowers and use faux blooms instead in order to preserve their bouquets forever.

Luckily, we had two separate sessions for shooting the bride and groom portraits! I love the opportunity to have a second session, usually after the dinner and speeches, because couples are much more relaxed and unhurried and, if outside, the lighting is softer and more flattering. This makes for a dreamy, intimate, yet uninhibited feel to the photos and I’d totally recommend it. I’m editing another wedding at the moment whereby we shot the second session in the couple’s hotel room (ahem, fully-clothed, in case you’re wondering!) but more to come on this wedding soon – stay posted!

All my love to Amanda and Nigel as they embark upon married life together. If you’re having a Kent Life wedding, I’d love to be your photographer!


VENUE | Kent Life

MAKE & HAIR | Lauren Mathis

FLOWERS | Georgie Wyatt


CAR | Bussey Executive Car Hire

DJ | Playback


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