Your images will only ever increase in value. One day, your photographs may be the most precious things you own.

Your wedding photos are one of the only enduring elements of your wedding day. These images will be the lasting record of the events, people, emotions and details that made it uniquely yours.

Prices listed are all-inclusive within Kent & surrounding borders. Please enquire for other areas.


All day coverage (8 hours)

Both partners’ preparations covered if in the same location

Pre-wedding phone or video consultation

Welcome guide

Image styling & editing

Online gallery of hi-res downloadable images

Licence to print & share


Extra time

per hour


2nd photographer for

partner prep (if elsewhere)



photographer (all day)








Part day coverage

from £400 for 2 hours



Video is available with and without photography coverage. You can expect a contemporary slow-motion reel of highlights throughout your day to match the vibe, as seen in the examples above, edited to appropriate licensed music and delivered online as a downloadable film.

Your film will include carefully selected footage. It doesn’t include your full start-to-end ceremony/speeches, or spoken audio. It is the perfect complement to photography. Your video length will vary according to coverage but a fill day might yield 10 minutes. You’ll also receive a 1-minute vertical 9:16 social media style trailer.

This service is suited to couples who aren’t looking for a full videography service, but would love a shareable, artistic edit of motion highlights from their day to preserve the spirit and emotion.

Video coverage




Stand alone

part day

video coverage

(up to 4 hours)


Stand alone

all day

video coverage

audio included

(8 hours)




Your heirloom is so much more than a hard drive. You’ve invested time and money into creating a perfect celebration of your love. You want to capture everything as you remember it. Then, what will you do with your legacy photographs?

 Would you love to walk past them in your home every day?

 Or hold them in your hands in an album to show family and friends?

 Perhaps a relative would enjoy them as the perfect gift?

 Or you’d really get a thrill out of posting them on social media?

 You’re probably always on-the-go and have an already burgeoning ‘to do’ list which means you’d actually be glad of someone else taking the time to deal with all the hassles and technicalities, so you can sit back and just enjoy your photos for the rest of your life.

 Whether it’s an album, something for the wall or loose prints, I can help you make the most of your photographs.