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Daisy & Matt

Engagement Photography in Cranbrook, Kent

Canon 135mm L f/2

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Canon 135mm L f/2

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Canon 135mm L f/2

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Canon 135mm L f/2

Canon 135mm L f/2

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Canon 135mm L f/2

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I’ll admit it, I felt slightly envious when I arrived at Daisy’s parents’ amazing home to meet her and Matt for our pre-wedding meeting! Nestled into the idyllic countryside of Cranbrook in Kent, the house was the perfect setting for all imaginable things for which you’d ever need a house… growing up, entertaining, growing your own vegetables, having an engagement shoot… you name it! We had originally planned to capture Daisy and Matt’s pre-wedding photos elsewhere but they’d decided afterall to remain at home – not hard to see why, just look at that beautiful setting! It was really exciting to have free reign here! Even the white tongue and groove garage provided us with an interesting New England style backdrop! The familiar environment for Matt and Daisy also helped them to feel relaxed as I shot as naturally and candidly as possible with just a little guidance for their positioning.

I’m really looking forward to capturing their wedding day and returning to Swallows Oast in Sussex, where I am a recommended photographer. So that’s nice :-)

Matt is a producer for Chris Moyles on Radio X. Check out his production showreel here!

For Photographers:

For almost the entire session, I shot with my Canon 135mm L f/2 lens, which is my most cherished lens. I adore the creamy bokeh it produces and how well the shallow depth of field when wide open at f/2 separates subjects from the background. The long focal length is ideal for capturing candid photos because it enables you to stand back and photography unobtrusively. It’s much lighter than the 70-200mm L f/2.8 which wedding photographers use as standard, so for me, whilst it has slightly less flexibility in terms of focal length, it wins hands-down in every other aspect. If you have an interest in portraits, you must own this lens. It also performs beautifully inside so if you’ve ever been disappointed with your images indoors or in low-light settings, here’s a solution! I promise, you’ll never let it leave your side! Get yours now:

Canon EF 135mm f/2.0L USM Fixed Focal Length Lens


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